Criminal Hazmat


Tactical Hazmat offers a one-day foundation level course to organisations or individuals that are involved with entering domestic premises and could be exposed to environments involving the malicious, criminal or illicit use of chemical substances.

A number of potential situations may be encountered in a variety of premises. The ability to identify tell-tale signs will protect staff members who are often the first to be exposed to the risks involved.

This course will assess some of the common hazardous environmental scenarios – Illicit drugs labs (IDL), homemade explosives (HME), Chemical suicides etc. It will identify the potential hazards and provide basic methods to respond to such situations safely.

  • Review the signs that could indicate malicious or illicit activities may be present.
  • Chemical and process hazards.
  • Homemade explosives(HME)
  • Illicit drug labs (IDL)
  • Indoor cannabis grows
  • Distinction between these and potential CBRN manufacture
  • Chemical suicides
  • Actions to take and avoid
What You'll Learn
  • Identify signs of illicit activities.
  • Identify chemical hazard categories and their risks.
  • Take appropriate initial actions to protect own safety.
  • Know the appropriate and proportionate response.

1 day


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