DIM Foundation


This course aims to bridge the gap between DIM Operator and DIM Adviser.

It has been developed in response to a number of Fire & Rescue Services identifying that the traditional route (Hazmat Advisor qualification), whilst linked, is not directly relevant to DIM Advisor role. Current deployment protocols require a Hazmat Advisor to respond when DIM is deployed, ensuring that these skills are available at the incident ground.

The programme underpins the suite of national DIM courses, focusing on the knowledge, skills, and principles that will ensure a safe, effective and timeous deployment.

This course can be delivered as a stand-alone course (either at your premises or at our purpose-built modern facility in Gloucestershire). Participants may also elect to attend week one of the Hazardous Materials Advisor course (HMA) which covers all modules included in this foundation course.

For the HMA course dates, please view our training calendar.

To express interest, email info@tacticalhazmat.com and one of our account managers will contact you shortly.

  • Basic chemistry, naming substances, the periodic table and bonding
  • Physical states of matter and other physical properties and their application
  • 'Safe person' deployment and personal monitoring
  • PPE Selection and decontamination
  • Hazard awareness and categorisation
  • Radioactivity
  • Biohazards
What You'll Learn
  • Safely deploy into the unknown hazardous environment to obtain sample bulk material
  • Identify or discount certain hazard categories applicable to the unknown substance
  • Predict substance behaviours
  • Provide substance information in an efficient format for interpretation at an incident
  • Understand limitations to techniques and how they can support information sources such as the national DIM suite of equipment

3.5 - 5 days


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