Hazardous Materials Advisor Requalification Course (HMAR)


This 5-day refresher course is recommended every 3 years. It gives a concentrated and thorough update on all the major aspects of the role of Hazardous Materials Advisor.

The training enables delegates to recollect and refine their systematic approach to dealing with all Hazmat incidents ensuring that the safety measures are in place and risks minimised.

The handling of commonly-encountered substances such as asbestos is reviewed to give an essential grounding in procedures of dealing with these substances in the field.

Exposure and contamination are key issues in the Hazmat industry and the course includes an overview of the different Personal Protective Equipment available, enabling delegates to gain confidence in PPE selection and decontamination options when it matters the most.

Our purpose-built training facility provides supportive learning environment offering a unique opportunity for delegates to utilise the knowledge and experiences of our trainers.

The course includes an optional 5th day – RPS qualification.

The Hazardous Materials Advisor Refresher course is accredited by the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE); The only regulated Awarding Organisation in the UK that specialises entirely in the fire sector.

For the course dates please view our training calendar.

To book or express interest, email info@tacticalhazmat.com and one of our account managers will be in touch with you shortly.

  • Hazard Categorisation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Response Guidebook and its application
  • Interpreting labels, placards and data sheets
  • Gas monitoring options
  • Environmental protection duties
  • Field chemistry techniques
  • Hazmat information sources
  • Exposure vs Contamination
  • Radiation
  • Explosives and BLEVE hazards
  • Procedural variations related to UN Class 2 Gases
  • Chemical reactivity and flammability
  • And more...
What You'll Learn
  • Upon completion, participants will be confident to carry out the role and duties as a Hazardous Materials Advisor in line with the FRS National Guidance Document regarding incidents involving hazardous materials. Successful completion of the course will provide suitable assurance for agencies on the currency of skills and competencies of officers deployed at operational incidents.

4 days (+5th optional)


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