About Us

Tactical Hazmat was established by emergency response advisers, who have cumulated more than 50 years of service, specialising in incidents involving Hazardous Materials (hazmat). It is apparent that the type of preparation training offered to hazardous materials responders has stimulated potentially unsafe cultures. Whether that is being unduly cavalier about an incidents or particularly risk averse, there appears have been distinctly disproportionate response culture present.

Whilst this is understandable, given the current financial landscape, this approach is not only excessive but also unsustainable. 

Response to hazardous materials emergencies presents a unique challenge. This challenge combines a highly technical and often perceived as ‘hard’ subject matter with a typically low frequency of incidents. This, unlike other areas of response, means that skill acquisition and maintenance is not always possible through operational attendances. Furthermore, owing to low levels of experience typically available within organisations, training is often significantly theoretical and academic. This ensures a lack of true tactical application within a genuine incident scenario.

We believe that every training experience is judged on the preparation, consideration and detail of each hazmat situation. We devote our time to create realism within our simulations through multi-sensory experiences triggered through sight, sound, smell etc. This cumulates in an immersive event, having a more accurate realism and sincerely memorable learning event. 

This ethos is realised at the customers’ facility as well. 

Our purpose-built facilities:

  • have 10,000 foot squared of space, 
  • are unaffected by weather, 
  • are discrete from public view,
  • can operate 24 hours a day.  

Giving the opportunity for extended exercise scenarios, out of the public eye focussed on realism. The facility was developed to recreate realistic scenario locations such as a highway, warehouse, shop, flats and a house complete with back yard.  

We have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of hazmat response with specialist areas such as hazard detection and monitoring, chemical suicides, Illicit drug labs and the manufacture of home-made explosives. The occurrence of these hazmat responses are on the increase, posing unique hazards for responders to consider and mitigate. 

We also have a fully functional teaching laboratory where students can benefit from real hands on interaction with hazardous materials in a controlled environment, something that we believe is essential to fully understand their hazards, properties and safe interaction.