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Hazard Categorisation


This course aims to provide hazmat responders with techniques that are quick and relatively easy to deploy at incidents. These techniques can be applied to identify which hazard categories are applicable to substances and environments.

The learners will learn how to follow a systematic approach to identify properties of hazardous substances.

This is particularly important to help complete a suitable and sufficient risk assessment. The principles will also support the deployment of more complex Detection, Identification and Monitoring (DIM) equipment where confirmation testing is valuable.

There is no requirement to have the knowledge of science or maths to attend the course.

The Hazard Categorisation can be delivered at Tactical Hazmat or at the client’s premises, subject to availability of suitable facilities.

Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day on the courses delivered at Tactical Hazmat.

For the course dates please view our training calendar.

What You’ll Learn

Following completion of this course, attendees will be able to safely obtain a representative sample of a bulk material and identify or discount certain hazard categories applicable to the unknown substance. They will know the limitations of these techniques and how these methods can support other indicators and information sources. Participants will also develop an understanding of the requirement to maintain forensic integrity.


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