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Hazardous Materials Advisor Course


This comprehensive 3-week training course equips delegates with essential knowledge and skills to perform the role of Hazardous Materials Advisor with confidence.

The training enables delegates to develop a systematic approach to all Hazmat incidents ensuring that the required safety measures are in place and risks minimised.

Although the training is practical with useful techniques, methods, and checklists, there is also an emphasis on building an understanding of the theory and current legislation, ensuring that activities are evidenced correctly.

Exposure and contamination are key issues in the Hazmat industry and the course includes an overview of different Personal Protective Equipment in use, enabling delegates to get more confidence in PPE selection and decontamination options when it matters the most.
The handling of commonly-encountered substances such as asbestos is reviewed to give an essential grounding in procedures of dealing with these substances in the field.

The course is structured in a way that sees delegates progress through each section, building on their skills and knowledge to deal with more complex scenarios as they progress.


The Hazardous Materials Advisor course is recognised by the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE); The only regulated Awarding Organisation in the UK that specialises entirely in the fire sector.

For the course dates please view our training calendar.

What You’ll Learn

Upon completion, participants will be competent to carry out the role and duties as a Hazardous Materials Advisor in line with the FRS National Guidance Document regarding incidents involving hazardous materials. Successful completion of the course will provide suitable assurance for agencies to deploy officers at operational incidents where hazmat advice will be of benefit.


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